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Court Lawyers Directory

Court Agents is a free online legal directory offering the largest listing of Court Lawyers in Australia.

If you need to find a lawyer, this legal directory will enable you to search for court lawyers who appear regularly in the 750 Australian Law Courts including the local court, family law court, county court, magistrates court and supreme court.

Whatever area of law you require, we have a wide selection of legal practitioners who specialise in all areas of law including family lawyers, criminal lawyers, personal injury lawyers, employment lawyers, civil lawyers, immigration lawyers, legal aid lawyers and more.

A Court Lawyer may be a Court Solicitor, Barrister, Court Agent or an Accredited Specialist. For clarification on the different roles each of these legal practitioners play in the court system, please Click Here.

Our extensive Search Facility above will provide the information you need to make an informed choice on an appropriate Court Lawyer for your requirements with valuable information included in the Court Lawyer listings such as location, experience, qualifications, specialisations and languages spoken.

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